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Artistic Maintenance, a great company with a great future

"Artistic," as we are known in the trade, maintains thousands of acres of slopes, road medians, parkways, parks, residential community common areas and model home sites throughout the Southern California. Artistic Maintenance has the distinction of being one of the best supported and equipped companies in the industry.
At the forefront of our program is an orchestrated, high quality landscape maintenance service that undergoes constant internal company review and upgrade. A cadre of highly specialized peripheral services is also offered in Artistic's departmentalized operation such as pest control, tree trimming, landscape design & construction and water management. Because we are departmentalized and managed as such, Artistic is able to provide a level of expertise in each respective job field that is very rare in our industry. Rather than being good in a few areas, our people are experts in their specialty and are afforded this ability by the size of our operation.
Key to the success of any business and present at Artistic is strong central management. Trained and experienced superintendents, supervisors and foremen are the backbone to our service program and provide a proactive approach to landscape management. Our General Field Superintendent has over twenty years’ experience in the landscape industry.
Artistic's fees have been designed and found to be very competitive. This is largely attributed to decisive management and low overhead. Artistic has access to the best equipment, plant materials and management consulting at the lowest possible costs. Operating cost savings experienced in our operation are promptly conveyed to our customers in the form of lower rates and fees.

A Brief History

Artistic was started in 1952 by Morton W. Herrmann in his backyard in Covina. In 1968 he merged his landscape company with Clyde Drakes grading company forming a much larger company that eventually became known as Landscape Specialists, Inc. Over the years we have operated in 7 states across the country; owned and operated a wholesale nursery (HerrmannJensen Nurseries), a construction company (Pacific States Landscaping), equipment leasing company (Viejo Leasing), a green waste operation (Pacific Mulch Products), and a landscape architecture company (Drayton). Mort invented UV protected plastic pipe and started Brownline Pipe, an irrigation pipe manufacturing company. As time wore on, and Mort neared retirement he eventually sold off or closed all of the companies except Artistic Maintenance. In 1995 he agreed to sell the company to his son Dirk and Tom, which is how it currently stands.