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"Artistic," as we are known in the trade, maintains countless acres of slopes, road medians, parkways, parks, and residential community common areas throughout California. Artistic Maintenance has the distinction of being one of the best supported and equipped companies in the industry. 

At the forefront of our program is an orchestrated, high quality landscape maintenance service that undergoes constant internal company review and upgrade. A cadre of highly specialized peripheral services is also offered in Artistic's departmentalized operation such as irrigation, pest control, tree trimming, landscape construction & design and water management. Because we are departmentalized and managed as such, Artistic is able to provide a level of expertise in each respective job field that is very rare in our industry. Rather than being good in a few areas, our people are expert in their specialty and are afforded this ability by the size of our operation. 

Turf Care

Established lawns need regular and correct care if they are to remain beautiful. Artistic will create a Turf Care Program that includes such things as fertilizing, renovation, reseeding; weed control, proper mowing schedule and watering.

Irrigation Systems Maintenance

Irrigation System Management is probably the most critical task we perform and probably the most deficient portion of most new projects we start. If the irrigation system is not well managed no matter how good you perform other maintenance tasks the project will always have a sickly appearance.

Fuel Modificaton

Artistic staff will meet with representative of your local Fire Authority to ensure an overall understanding of the local fuel modification program scope and requirements and create a work program to insure that you meet their requirements.


All tasks can be, and should be, and will be scheduled. But we discovered that each task had a different life cycle. While some things had to be done weekly, other tasks had to be done every other week, or every three months.  We will tailor a schedule that meets your specific needs.


Our people know what works naturally and what doesn’t. Our training program teaches our people that good planning with sound horticultural practices insures a landscape that will endure and be beautiful without extreme effort, work smart not hard, In Harmony with Nature

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Turf Care

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