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Irrigation System Maintenance & Management

Irrigation System Management is probably the most critical task we perform and probably the most deficient portion of most new projects we start. If the irrigation system is not well managed no matter how good you perform other maintenance tasks the project will always have a sickly appearance.

Water management does not mean brown turf; our goal is to cut water usage to 30% of Eto (Evapotranspiration rate) on all of our projects. This is done with proper scheduling and irrigation system maintenance. Most times we can save an association 50% of their current usage.

Our irrigation management program is consciously designed to purposefully produce monthly savings through water management. You choose the degree and direction we take in customizing your water management program. We will calculate the initial investment costs, on-going monthly repair costs, and compare it to the monthly savings to arrive at a payback period, after which time it is money in the bank each month.

On-Going Maintenance

We prepare a complete report of the condition of the irrigation system within the first 3 months of service. This report covers uniformity and effectiveness of controllers, valves, and heads of your irrigation system.

Our irrigation technicians, whom are certified in water management, check, repair and document their findings on their bi-weekly inspections of your property.

Our irrigation scheduling incorporates the use of Eto data such as those from the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) weather stations or other validated weather data or soil moisture monitoring system to apply the appropriate levels of irrigation water for different climates.

The irrigation system shall be maintained to reduce runoff, low head drainage, overspray, or other similar conditions where irrigation water could flow onto adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, hardscapes walks, roadways, or structures.

Your Superintendent is equipped with a lap top computer to adjust and manage all centrally controlled irrigation systems from the field.

Our maintenance crews perpetuate the water savings by mulching bare soil, grass recycling, and turf aeration.

Service & Repair Documentation

Our irrigation department has been formed to create a team that can handle any aspect of irrigation. Each Irrigator is given specific scheduled tasks. The Irrigators are also given trucks that are stocked specifically for your project. All daily repairs and system reviews are documented on our in house "Tracking Sheets". These forms, which are a THREE (3) part NCR form, are used for inventory control, billing, documentation and system evaluation.

The basic duties, broken head change outs, pipe repair and scheduling will occur as required without prompting. Broken head change outs will occur at the time of discovery.

All of the performed repairs to your irrigation system are documented and supplied at the end of the month with our billing.

The tracking sheets are turned in each day to be reviewed to determine whether the work completed is to be billed or not. On all billable tracking sheets a NCR copy is sent with your billing. Copies of all your irrigation systems tracking sheets are stored in individual project files at our offices.

Artistic Maintenance keeps an extensive irrigation inventory at each yard site so that the Irrigators replenish their truck inventory daily.