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Our organization is separated into 5 categories (Irrigation, Pest Control, Trees, Detail, and Construction).  New hires come to work for Artistic as a labor, at their first promotion they decide which career path they want to follow.  They are now considered a training Technician.

The first few months of all our Technician’s (Irrigators, Pest Control Operators, Foremen, etc) employment are spent "Paired" with a "Tutor" on a training assignment. As soon as his Tutor feels that the training Technician is capable, the Technician is released on his own.

Every position of employment has learning requirements that must be met before they can be promoted.  All raises are based on these same learning requirements.  This explains why our Technician positions stay so long with us (2008 average – 8 years).  They are trained, tested, respected and paid appropriately.

Our Training is based on Best Horticultural Practices that have been developed through experience and education.

When we say ‘In Harmony with Nature’ we mean it.  Our training program is rooted in what nature intends the plants to do, not what we want them to do.

Our people know what works naturally and what doesn’t.  Our training program teaches our people that good planning with sound horticultural practices insures a landscape that will endure and be beautiful without extreme effort, work smart not hard, In Harmony with Nature.