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Turf Care

Established lawns need regular care if they are to remain beautiful. Artistic will create a Turf Care Program that includes such things as fertilizing, renovation, reseeding; weed control, proper mowing schedule and watering.

Fertilizing – To keep a lawn attractive it must be fed regularly, the goal is to have a thick green carpet.  That can’t happen without regular fertilization, it is not only attractive but it is protection against weeds.  We tailor a program specifically for the type of turf you have.

Renovation – In Southern California, fall offers an ideal season for renovating established lawns since it enables us to combine an effective weed control program with lawn care.

Reseeding – this is an integral but often overlooked portion of lawn care.  Many things cause bare patches, if you want a thick healthy lawn, we recommend regular over seeding of those bare spots.

Weeding – today it is no longer necessary to spend countless hours of expensive labor pulling and digging trouble-some weeds. The use of selective lawn weed killers takes the drudgery out of turf weeding. Dandelions, common plaintain, buckhorn, thistle, wild carrot, and over 100 other weeds are easily eliminated without harming ordinary turf grasses when properly treated.  Weed killers alone do not keep weeds out, a thick healthy turf is not only attractive but it is your primary protection against new weeds.