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Tree Planting and Removal

Tree Planting

Fill out our Request A Proposal for whatever your tree needs may be. We plant trees from 15 gallon to 60” boxes.

Trees planted by correctly have an exceptional rate of establishment and survival. Our optimal planting season is when the weather is wet and cool, from late-October to mid-March.

Before planting, carefully consider tree selection, placement and site conditions. Consult our Arborists for tree suggestions and requirements.

Large trees provide maximum urban forest benefits; plant them where there is room to grow. Always consider the tree's size at maturity when you are near power lines or other permanent hardscape features. Plant small or medium trees where there is limited space for roots and growth or where views may be impacted.

Tree Removal

Fill out our Request A Proposal for whatever your tree needs may be. We can remove most sizes of trees and any variety. Wood can be hauled away or left for client use as firewood.

The Decision

Removing a tree is a large decision that should not be taken lightly. Dead or dying trees should be removed for health, safety and aesthetic purposes. However, in certain instances live trees also should be removed when they interfere with other trees, buildings, driveways and utility wires. But think twice, as it takes years and often decades to replace a tree once removed. For trees larger than 20’ call a professional, as this work is dangerous.

Keep in mind that removing a tree can affect more than just your property. If a tree is on or near a property line, removals can lead to disputes and/or legal action. The best strategy is communication with all parties involved.

Removing the Stump

Once the tree is gone and you are left with the stump. You now have numerous choices you can dig the stump out, you can grind the stump using a stump grinder, you can drill holes into the stump and pour chemicals into the holes, you can leave it alone to decay, you can leave the sump alone and incorporate it into the landscaping