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We specialize in water management at Artistic Maintenance

Water Management

Your assigned maintenance Irrigator will perform the following tasks as part of their regular water management process.  These two steps are crucial in the audit process, so crucial that we include it in our basic water management service.

Site Inspection

Over time, even the most efficiently designed irrigation system will begin break down. In absence of a regular maintenance program, minor operation and performance problems can continue for months resulting in excessive water use and poor efficiency, which can reduce plant quality.

Performance Testing

Sprinkler heads, including pop-up spray heads, rotors, micro-sprays and bubblers are designed to operate within specific operating pressures and head spacing’s.  Commonly, the rated performances listed in the catalogs do not accurately represent actual performance.

Performance problems are often inherent in an irrigation system. Insufficient or excessive operating pressure will also lead to high water loss through wind drift or poor coverage. Low water pressure is generally caused by insufficient static pressure and/or high pressure losses through valves, meters, piping and other components of the irrigation system.  These insufficient or excessive operating pressure and improper head spacing will significantly increase or decrease the amount of water used.

Additional Water Management

Audits and Analysis

Central Controllers

System Mapping

Use Budgeting

Weather Systems

Rebate Program

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