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Hardware Upgrade


We will assist you in meeting the provisions of SB1881 which requires that Controllers installed are either:

  • Weather-based irrigation controllers
  • soil moisture based controllers or
  • other self-adjusting irrigation controllers

These new controllers are required for all irrigation systems. (Rain Bird, Weather Trak, Rain Master, Calsense).  These new generation controllers can save up to 30% of your current water usage.

Water Management Devices

We will also provide information on various miscellaneous components that will improve the management of your irrigation water such as:

  • Flow Meters
  • Master Valves
  • Weather Stations
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Rain Switch
  • Moisture Sensors


Similar types of sprinkler heads should from the same manufacturer (Spray, Stream, Rotor, etc). 

There are many low volume heads on the market today we will present what type is best suited for your application.

Sprinklers can be outfitted with water management fittings that save water

  • PRS - Pressure Reducing Spray- A Rain Bird sprinkler feature which controls pressure at the head to reduce misting and protects against extreme water loss in the event a nozzle falls off of the sprinkler stem
  • SAM - Seal-a-Matic- A Rain Bird sprinkler feature (essentially a check valve) which prevents the loss of water from low heads after watering is stopped
  • PCD - Pressure Control Device- a Toro sprinkler feature which controls pressure at the head to reduce misting
  • Check Valve – a fitting that eliminates low head drainage in sites that feature extremes in elevation

Sprinklers can be outfitted with fittings that resist breakage to pedestrians

  • Swing Joint - An assembly of three ells and a nipple to provide for convenient height adjustment of a sprinkler, and to reduce the chance of damage when a sprinkler is run over by a vehicle